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Finnish online

There are many Finnish courses of different levels online. You can do exercises, play games, study grammar and vocabulary online, as well as read texts. The teaching language of most online courses is Finnish or English, but other alternatives are also available.


Basic course in Finnish, EasyfinnishFinnish

linkkiUniversity of Helsinki:
Basic course in Finnish "A Taste of Finnish"English

linkkiTampere University of Applied Sciences:
Basic course in Finnish, UunoFinnish

linkkiDonnerwetter Language Centre:
Basic course in Finnish, Tavataan taasFinnish | English | French | German

Basic course in FinnishFinnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Chinese | German
Additional exercises for the textbook 'Hyvin menee'Finnish
Wide range of Finnish language exercisesFinnish
Basic level word gamesEnglish | French | Japanese

Basic level

YKI exercisesFinnish
Online course with many auxiliary languagesSwedish | English | Russian | French | Spanish | Chinese | German | Portuguese
Everyday Finnish: interviews on videoFinnish
Vocabulary exercisesFinnish

TV series study material, SupisuomeaFinnish

linkkiFinnish National Board of Education:
Finnish for working lifeFinnish
Wide range of Finnish language exercisesFinnish

Independent user level

News in plain FinnishFinnish

Information about various subjects in plain FinnishFinnish

linkkiFinnish National Board of Education:
Reading comprehension course 'Ymmärrä suomea'Finnish

linkkiFinnish National Board of Education:
Finnish for working lifeFinnish

Proficient user level

linkkiUniversity of Jyväskylä's Language Centre:
Listen to Finnish dialectsFinnish


Finnish grammarFinnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Spanish | German | Japanese

linkkiUniversity of Tampere:
Finnish grammarEnglish

linkkiPanu Mäkinen:
Finnish grammarEnglish
Verb inflectionEnglish

linkkiInstitute for the Languages of Finland:
Iso Suomen kielioppi onlineFinnish

linkkiJukka Korpela:
Information about FinnishEnglish

Online dictionaries
Multilingual dictionariesFinnish
Multilingual dictionariesFinnish | English
Multilingual dictionary 'Langtolang'English