Living in Finland



Residence permit problems

If you have problems or questions regarding your residence permit, you can ask for advice from the following bodies:

  • Finnish Immigration Service
  • Finnish Diplomatic Missions abroad
  • Your municipality’s immigrant advisors in Finland
  • Refugee Advice Centre

Only the Finnish Immigration Service can make decisions regarding residence permits. The immigration advisors of your municipality can advise you on permit matters, but they cannot grant permits. Refugee Advice Centre is an organisation that advises refugees, asylum seekers and other foreigners in Finland.

More information on applying for a residence permit is available on the Infopankki page Moving to Finland. You can find information on applying for a residence permit extension on the Infopankki page Residence permit extension.

linkkiFinnish Immigration Service:
Information on residence permitsFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiRefugee Advice Centre:
Information for undocumented migrantsFinnish | English | French | Arabic

Legal aid in residence permit matters

Refugees, asylum seekers and other foreigners can find help and guidance in legal questions at the Refugee Advice Centre. The Refugee Advice Centre provides asylum seekers with legal aid at the initial stage of the asylum process. It also gives general legal advice to other foreigners.

The Legal Aid Offices provide persons living in Finland with help in dealing with legal matters. In managing legal matters, it is possible to get a legal adviser funded partly or completely by public funds. Read more about legal aid on the Infopankki page Do you need a lawyer?

linkkiThe Finnish Refugee Advice Centre:
Legal adviceFinnish | English | French | Arabic

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Legal Aid OfficesFinnish | Swedish | English

Appealing a residence permit decision

If your asylum or residence permit application is denied, you have the opportunity to appeal the decision. Decisions regarding asylum or a residence permit can be appealed to the Administrative Court. Instructions on lodging an appeal are enclosed with the decision.

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Appealing a residence permit decisionFinnish | Swedish | English