Living in Finland


Suomi lyhyesti

Finland in brief


  • Finland is a republic and a member of the European Union (EU).
  • The capital of Finland is Helsinki.
  • Finland is divided into self-governed municipalities.


  • Finland has 5.5 million inhabitants.
  • The national languages are Finnish and Swedish (about 5% of Finns speak Swedish as their native language).
  • Many Finns speak fluent English.

Climate and geography

  • Finland is located in North Europe.
  • Finland’s neighbouring countries are Russia (east), Norway (north), Sweden (west) and Estonia (south).
  • The surface area of Finland is 338,432 km², which includes the land and inland water areas.


  • The currency of Finland is the euro.

Information about Finland in other online sources

Lifeinfinland is a guide intended for immigrants that includes information about living and working in Finland, contact information for authorities, as well as basic information about Finnish culture and society.

The online service contains information about public services, forms and news released by the public administration. Through the service, you can take care of many things online.

The website of the employment and economic administration hosts the Working in Finland (Suomeen työhön) guide, which provides information about living and working in Finland. website offers information and news about Finnish society, economic matters, culture and events. The site also features information for tourists.

The website provides information about Finland for tourists.

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